Brandon SCSI 2

-Chassis: Intel Pilot Point II Server Chassis w/600W PFC Fixed PSU, 2 chassis fans, 1 PSU fan, supports up to 6 tool-free cabled drives, upgradeable to 6 hot-swap drives (SCSI or SATA) without power cord

-Motherboard: Intel Brandon SCSI Server Board: Support for one or two Intel Xeon processors with an 800Mhz system bus. Intel E7520 chipset, Six DIMM sockets up to 12GB of REG ECC 266/333 memory, total slot 6 (1xPCI Expess x8, 1xPCI Express x4, 1xPCI-X 133Mhz, 2xPCI-X 100Mhz, 1xPCI 32-bit/33Mhz 5V), Integrated 2x U320 SCSI channels with integrated RAID 0 and 1, Integrated ATA 1 channel supporting up to 2 IDE devices, Integrated Serial ATA 2 channels with support for RAID 0 and 1, Integrated 2x Gigabit Ethernet connections, Integrated Graphics ATI with 8MB memory.

-CPU: Intel Xeon Server CPU, 2.8GHz, FC-mPGA4, 1M, 800Mhz, Active

-Memory: Kingston 512MB Registered ECC DDR PC266

-Hard Disk: Seagate 36GB 10000RPM SCSI

-CD RW: Sony 52X32X52 Speed, black

-Floppy: Sony 1.44MB, black

Part Number

-CD RW  

KVR266X72RC25/256 x2
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